Charlie Hunnam Is Down For A “Queer As Folk” Reunion

“I’m very proud of being a part of that show."

Charlie Hunnam might be a newly knighted summer blockbuster movie star, but that doesn’t mean he forgot where he started: playing Nathan, gay teenager on the U.K. version of Queer as Folk.

Now he says he’s down to bring his character back to the screen.

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“I’d be game for a reunion,” Hunnam recently told The Sun. “It’s a long time ago, I’m an old bastard now – that was 20 years ago.”

The series aired in 1999 but the King Arthur star still gets recognized for playing Nathan when he returns home to the U.K.

“When I’m back in England, people still recognize me as Nathan… It was the beginning of my career, so I have very fond memories of it,” he said.


It might not be an official Queer as Folk reunion but Hunnam is back on the screen with his QAF co-star Aiden Gillen in King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. On Queer as Folk Gillen played Stuart, who Nathan developed a crush on after they hooked up in the premiere episode.

“I always felt like I owed him a grand debt of gratitude. I really thanked him for the impact he had on me. He thought I was mad but I felt it deeply,” Hunnam said about Gillen.

“I’m very proud of being a part of that show. I’m very happy when people bring it up,” he added. “I’m just surprised because it was so long ago.”

We think the 20th anniversary of Queer as Folk sounds like a perfect opportunity to reunite the cast for one more trip down Manchester’s Canal Street, don’t you?

h/t: Gay Times

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