Charlie Sheen Will Disclose He Is HIV Positive On “Today” Show, Sources Report

The "Anger Management" actor is reportedly trying to defuse an upcoming tabloid story on his status.

Actor Charlie Sheen will disclose he is HIV positive on the Today show Tuesday, Gawker is reporting.

The appearance is slated for the day before the National Enquirer’s cover story on Sheen’s sex life and his reported “AIDS cover-up.”

National Enquirer

NBC has confirmed the Two And A Half Men actor will appear on the morning show for a “revealing personal announcement,” and will be interviewed by Matt Lauer, but has offered no other details.


Last week rumors began surfacing that a major Hollywood actor was HIV-positive and terrified of being found out. The timing suggests it’s Sheen, 50, but let’s hope he uses this as an opportunity to fight ignorance and prejudice.

Magic Johnson’s admission that he was HIV positive back in 1991, led to a sea change in the public’s perception of the virus.

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