Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles’ Daughter Takes Her to Task for Endorsing Bloomberg

She apologized to racial and religious minorities, as well as the LGBTQ community, who "voted for someone who isn’t standing up for you."

Democratic presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg recently picked up a number of mayoral endorsements, including from Charlotte Mayor Vi Lyles.

Lyles, who recently led efforts to secure the Republican National Convention in Charlotte, making it the lone city willing to play host to the event, said she was backing the former Republican “because the country needs a candidate in 2020 who cares for people and will work every day to ensure we will have a better tomorrow.”

Vi Lyles
LOGAN CYRUS/AFP via Getty Images
Lyles speaks to a crowd gathered at First Ward Park during the Remarchable Women rally in Charlotte.

Her endorsement of Bloomberg, who has come under fire of late for his past defense of his utilization of stop-and-frisk in New York (he apologized shortly before launching his presidential bid), blaming ending the racist practice of redlining for the 2008 housing collapse, his misogynistic treatment of women, and for calling trans women men in dresses, has upset many progressives in, and out of, the Queen City.

In explaining her support for Bloomberg, Lyles said she believes he “cares for people and will work every day to ensure we will have a better tomorrow.”

Among those registering their upset at Lyles’ decision is her daughter, Aisha Alexander, who took to Twitter to make her feelings known, saying she was “devastatingly disappointed…in every Democratic mayor who has endorsed Michael Bloomberg, particularly the Black ones, and especially the ones closest to me.”

She added an apology to all those who are “Black, Latino/a/x, LGBTQIA+, Muslim, drowning in college debt, worried about being displaced from your community, without quality, affordable healthcare, or have been the victim of state violence” who “voted for someone who isn’t standing up for you.”

While standing up against the action of her high-profile parent couldn’t have been easy, she explained in a follow-up tweet that she was, “raised to speak out about things that matter.”

Bloomberg has been accused of trying to buy the nomination, utilizing his personal fortune, estimated at more than $60 billion, to blanket the airwaves and social media with ads, pay influencers to say nice things about him, and pay for fancy campaign offices full of well-paid staffers, to the detriment of local and state campaigns.

His endorsements have also been cause for concern, as he has been picking up support from candidates who have directly benefited from his largess, as he has donated for years to politicians’ campaigns, as well as giving through philanthropic grants to cities run by Democrats.

In 2018, Bloomberg announced Charlotte won his American Cities Climate Challenge, pledging $2.5 million to facilitate updates to infrastructure, as well as staff training, to help Charlotte achieve its goals of creating a more environmentally-friendly city.

Bloomberg is currently in third place in North Carolina, according to polling data from RealClearPolitics, with Joe Biden in first, followed by Bernie Sanders. North Carolina is a Super Tuesday state, with voters heading to the polls on March 3.

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