Chasten Buttigieg’s Anti-Gay Brother Accuses Him and Mayor Pete of Lying About Family

Rhyan Glezman, who has said he doesn't support "the gay lifestyle," claims his family never shunned Chasten as he claims.

Chasten Buttigieg’s brother Rhyan Glezman appeared on Fox News recently to call him and husband (and 2020 presidential candidate) Pete Buttigieg liars.

Glezman spoke with Lara Ingraham to push back against a profile of his brother in The Washington Post, wherein he describes how his family failed to accept him when he came out as gay, leading him to experiencing homelessness for a period of time.

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Buttigieg said his mother cried, asked if he was sick, which he took to mean was he HIV positive, and that one of his brothers said, “No brother of mine…”

Glezman, who works as a pastor in Michigan, told the Post he still loves his brother and wants the best for him, but that he “doesn’t support the gay lifestyle.”

In that same article, Buttigieg says he was never able to reconcile with either of his brothers.

When Ingraham asked Glezman if his family has ever “had any issue with your brother, his husband, or his lifestyle,” he was less strident.

“Absolutely not,” Glezman claimed. “It couldn’t be further from the truth.”

When asked why his brother would make the story up, Glezman argued that, “In such a competitive—a very large Democratic field of candidates, you need to have a story.”

“I’m not going to cut down a mayor’s role, I think a mayor’s role is very important, but at the end of the day, if you only have the mayor role and you’re going to [seek] the highest office in the country, you need to have a different story,” he continued.

“And, unfortunately, we became victim to that, our family, of having this rags to riches story be brought up about my brother’s childhood and the past to gain political points in the polls, is the way I see it.”

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Ingraham said she was “sensitive to this issue of family coming out and commenting on other family members,” likely referring to her own gay brother who has spoken out against her on numerous occasions, calling her a “monster.” She asked why Glezman didn’t reach out to his brother, Chasten, or to his brother-in-law, Mayor Pete, instead of going on her show.

He said if it were “that easy, that would have already been done,” and revealed the last time he and his brother spoke was at his grandmother’s funeral, about a year ago. Glezman also said the “family dynamic” had changed ever since he became a born again Christian.

Before letting Glezman go, Ingraham asked him who he planned to vote for, to which he answered: “Trump in 2020.”


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