Chaz Bono Attacked By Sean Hannity’s Twitter Trolls: “‘It’ Should Keep Quiet”

The flood of online abuse included lines like "Didn’t you used to be a girl?"

Apparently the reward for questioning a Trump-loving pundit is a deluge of transphobic abuse. That’s what actor Chaz Bono learned this weekend when he criticized Fox News anchor Sean Hannity for inviting Wikileaks to invent documentation showing the CIA is using malware to attribute U.S. cyberattacks to the Russians.

Like many concerned Americans, Bono was incredulous that a mainstream newsperson would throw out random accusations to defend America’s longtime enemy.

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WESTWOOD, CA - NOVEMBER 21:  Chaz Bono arrives at the premiere of Focus Features' 'The Danish Girl' at Westwood Village Theatre on November 21, 2015 in Westwood, California.  (Photo by Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic)

“So is the new Right?” Bono asked on Twitter. “All Putin-loving, reality-denying traitors to the principals [sic] our country was founded on? Fascists, just like Trump? ”

Hannity at least kept his response on topic, calling Bono “ignorant” and a “phony Hollywood hypocrite.”

“Chaz clearly you are just ignorant. Read the @wikileaks info released this week. Try and educate yourself before tweeting inane lib tlk pts!”

“Also Chaz I thought you liberals were supposed to be ‘tolerant’, & ‘inclusive’. You r just the typical phony Hollywood hypocrite,” Hannity complained. “I have said many times we should NOT trust Putin. I embrace truth everyday. I love my country and am not a fascist. You r ignorant and dull.”

But his army of reactionary followers went for the jugular, insulting Bono’s identity and claiming he had no right to speak about politics.

“‘It’ should just keep quiet,” spewed one message.

And that was only the beginning.

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In his tweets, Hannity invited Bono to come on Fox News, “so I can expose to all what a hypocrite you are and that you’re dumber than dirt.”

Maybe you could also explain how you’ve cultivated such a vile base of followers?

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