Make Your Own Pin-Up Art With This “Cheesecake Boys” Adult Coloring Book

Paul Richmond is turning his gender-bending drawings into your next art project.

Paul Richmond has been sketching drawings of cute guys with their pants down for years as part of his “Cheesecake Boys” series, but now he’s passing the colored pencils to all of us with an adult coloring book featuring his work.

Richmond first created the series because he noticed that mid-20th century pin-up art featured women in various states of undress, but their scantily-clad male counterparts were rarely represented. The artist said he wanted to create drawings “where the damsels in distress are dudes,” and so, “Cheesecake Boys” was born.

Paul Richmond Studio

With the release of the new coloring book, the art is now in the fan’s hands, allowing people to create their own color schemes for his sexy drawings. It’s the perfect idea, although we may get too distracted to stay inside the lines.

“It’s such a thrill to see how people around the world are building upon the simple lines to create imaginative, colorful and totally unique pieces of art,” Richmond told The Huffington Post. “And they’re having a blast doing it ― because who wouldn’t enjoy coloring adorable hunks losing their clothes all over the place?”

Below you can watch Richmond explain his idea behind the project and then head here to order a “Cheesecake Boys” coloring book of your very own.

And to see what Richmond is working on now, check out this time-lapse video he released that features him turning a picture of photographer Mike Ruiz into an oil painting.


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