Chelsea Clinton Claps Back At Washington Post For Calling Trump’s LGBT Rights Stance “Confusing”

She's not confused. Are you confused?

In the wake of President Trump’s tweets announcing an banon transgender service members The Washington Post ran an analysis piece calling the president’s views on LGBT rights “confusing.”

Former First daughter Chelsea Clinton clapped back right on cue, letting the outlet know she wasn’t “confused” by Trump’s legacy of anti-LGBT policy. “No. President Trump has consistently failed to support LGBT equal rights, dignity & safety in the U.S. & around world (e.g. Chechnya/Russia),” she wrote.

On the other hand Clinton, an author, mom and political activist, has a history of supporting LGBT rights: In 2015, she spoke about her support for marriage equality on Ellen. Last year, she spoke to Logo about getting her parents to come around on the issue.

For good measure, Chelsea also schooled the GOP on how a bill becomes a law in America.

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