Chelsea Handler Will Play a Power Lesbian on “Will & Grace”

... who is dating Grace's sister?

Chelsea does… Will & Grace?

Entertainment Weekly reports that Chelsea Handler will be guest starring on the upcoming season of the NBC hit as Donna Zimmer “a high-powered client of Grace‚Äôs who starts dating her bitter sister, Janet (Mary McCormack).

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Handler will begin production on her episode today, July 26, so we can expect her episode to air early in the season since the cast just started filming Season 10 last week.

Will & Grace was known for its celebrity guest stars, and that remained true when the show was revived last year, with the new season welcoming celebs like Jane Lynch, Jennifer Lopez, and Alec Baldwin.

Handler ended her Netflix talk show last year, but is still working on projects with the streaming giant, and Will & Grace won’t be her first foray into sitcoms. Handler has also had roles on Whitney and Are You There, Chelsea?, which she executive produced.

McCormack and Handler are best friends in real life so her casting on the NBC series shouldn’t be a surprise, but we would be shocked if Karen lets Handler’s character get away without trying to put some moves on her.

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The new season of Will & Grace premieres October 4 on NBC.

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