Chelsea Manning’s Campaign Video Was Flagged As “Inappropriate” By YouTube

The company is facing continued backlash for censoring LGBT content.

YouTube briefly flagged Chelsea Manning’s campaign announcement video as “inappropriate,” blocking it from being seen by minors.

Running for Senate in Maryland against incumbent Democrat Ben Cardin, Manning released her video on January 14 as part of her formal campaign announcement.

It includes scenes of protests around the country, including the violent white supremacist gather in Charlottesville.

But for a brief period, YouTube put the clip on “Restricted Mode,” flagging it as “inappropriate for some users.” According to YouTube policy, the company can restrict videos that contain drug or alcohol use, sexually explicit content, hate speech, cursing, or violence.

Critics are pointing to the incident as yet another example of YouTube censoring LGBT content.

Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for OUT Magazine

Popular lesbian YouTube Steph Frosch, or ElloSteph, quit YouTube in April 2017, citing its harshened monetization and viewer restriction policies.

Videos that are restricted by YouTube are still eligible for monetization; however, due to the nature of Restricted Mode, the videos will be visible to fewer users.

Steph Frosch/YouTube

“A lot of LGBT content creators like myself have been financially struggling due to these new restrictions being implemented,” said Steph Frosch, a.k.a. ElloSteph, in a video announcing her departure from YouTube.

More recently, YouTube was slammed for hosting a Logan Paul video in which the influencer visited Japan’s infamous “suicide forest.”

While Paul removed the video himself, it was never restricted from viewers.

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