Cher Goes On Gay World Tour—Hits Provincetown, Miami Beach AND Fire Island For Hillary Clinton

"I know gay men—they either love you or don't know you exist."

Is there such a thing as too much gayness? If so, Cher in Provincetown, Miami Beach AND Fire Island would probably be it.

Of course, anyone who got to see the Dark Lady at one of her Hillary Clinton fundraisers this weekend was luckier than spit!

Tickets weren’t cheap—we’re talking $250 just to be in the building and $1,000 get to take a picture with our Queen of Sequins. But we can’t think of money better spent.

On Friday, Cher hit Miami’s Wynwood Art District, where she told the gays she knew we’d be together when she was just 9. Funny that’s about the time we knew we’d be with Cher forever, too.

“One day my mother brought home these two guys and I thought, “Oh, God, these guys are so much fun—why are they different?” Hairdressers. And I loved them so much,” she told the crowd.

“We went to Palm Springs and it was one of the greatest weekends of my life and I was 9 and I could tell then, okay? At 9! At 9, I knew that we were destined to be together.”

61 years? Wow, that’s the longest relationship Cher’s ever been in by a mile.

Then on Saturday, Cher was on Fire Island for Low Tea—which is kind of the gay equivalent of visiting the Vatican on Easter. The event—which also drew Broadway’s Telly Leung, Christine Quinn, Andrew Tobias and Andy Cohen—raised more than $270,000 for the Clinton campaign.

TAKE ME HOME! @Cher is on Fire Island and We're with HER. #AndyAndCher

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Preaching to the choir, Cher didn’t hold back her opinion about Hillary’s opponent.

“I fear what would happen in a Trump administration because I feel like he’s the worst person I’ve ever seen.”

The diva even received a standing ovation as she departed Pines Harbor by boat.

That time @cher floated past me. #DEAD #instagay #instagag #ptown

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On Sunday, she stumped at Pilgrim Monument in P-Town, tell folks she’s with Hillary and reminding the crowd Trump “is a f*cking idiot!” (We imagine her delivering that line like she did “snap out of it!” in Moonstruck.)

Did I say @Cher? I meant #Cher and #hillaryclinton!!! #imwithher

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These people were excited.

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And so was Hillary, who looks almost as pysched to see Cher as we would be. (Almost.)

What could be gayer? How about Hillary Clinton and Barbra Streisand, September 8 in New York City.

Dan Avery is a writer-editor who focuses on culture, breaking news and LGBT rights. His work has appeared in Newsweek, The New York Times, Time Out New York, The Advocate and elsewhere.