Cher Musical Needs Work, Says Cher

"I'm not supposed to say that, but I don't care."

Cher is weighing in on what she thinks about the new musical chronicling her life—and she believes it could use a little work.

The Cher Show chronicles the legend’s life over her six decades of stardom set to her chart-topping hits and featuring her most iconic Bob Mackie ensembles. Over the weekend, the 72-year-old icon traveled to Chicago for three preview performances of the show ahead of its official opening on June 28.

“It needs work,” Cher told the Chicago Tribune. “I’m not supposed to say that, but I don’t care. Some parts of it are really fabulous. We’re going to work on the other parts.”

The “Strong Enough” singer says she’s sharing her notes with the show’s director Jason Moore, including sharing real quotes with him and thoughts on how to improve the musical numbers.

“I am pushing them to do three dance songs in a concert-style way at the end, a bit like they do in Mamma Mia. I think the audience would like that.”

Cher says she is also pushing Moore to be more truthful about who she is.

“I’ve already said so much about my life. It would be silly for them to come up with a Mother Teresa. [The show] is a story about struggle.”

Now in previews at the Oriental Theatre, The Cher Show opens June 28 and plays through July 15.

Lamar Dawson is a pop culture junkie and pop diva addict living in Manhattan. Follow him on everything @dirrtykingofpop.