Let Cher Volunteer at the Post Office, You Cowards


One by one, Cher wants to help sort pieces of mail.

Anyone who cares about democracy should be concerned with what is happening with the United States Postal Service. Dismantling letter sorting machines, ripping letter collection boxes out of the ground and moving them, all in what most assume is an effort to suppress mail-in voting for the upcoming presidential election.

And one of the greatest political voices of our time—no, not Barack Obama—we’re talking about Cher, is not having it.

With mail already being delayed, the iconic singer-actress woke up yesterday morning with a new mission in life: Volunteering at the post office.

And no, she was not kidding:

When no one on Twitter could help her she resorted to calling her local post offices in Malibu, CA, eventually talking to a supervisor who said they do not take volunteers.

Cher might not have a future in the postal service, but hopefully, she finds other ways to help get out the vote. And we second the Lincoln Project’s suggestion: Cher for postmaster general?

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