Cher Claims Robert DeNiro Scared The Drag Queens During NYC Gay Pride: WATCH


This week’s episode of The Graham Norton Show had what might just have been four of the greatest guests to ever appear on the show: Robert DeNiro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Jennifer Saunders and Cher. What’s more, we found out that Cher and Bobby D. are pretty good friends, and hang out all the time, like during NYC Gay Pride.

Cher told the story of how her and Mr. DeNiro were enjoying dinner together on the day of Pride (we assume this was this year when she performed on the Pier), when a gaggle of drag queens came busting into the restaurant they were at and were fawning over the “Women’s World” singer. When they saw DeNiro however, known of course for his roles in mob films like The Godfather and Goodfellas, they said nothing.

“People are afraid to [talk] to him,” Cher explained.

So it seems the one thing that will keep a drag queen quiet is the site of Robert DeNiro.

Watch Cher tell the story above, which starts at about the 32:30 mark.