Cher Debuts “Woman’s World,” Her Gayest Song Yet, On “The Voice,” Kills It

Cher stopped by The Voice tonight to debut her new song “Woman’s World” (You know, to make sure it sounded perfect before NYC Pride in a few weeks.), and this gay icon may just have released her gayest song yet.

A dance anthem that is somehow more pulsating than “Believe” and “Stronger,” and even had Cher throwing her hands up in the air, this is sure to be the jam of summer in Fire Island, West Hollywood and everywhere in between.

We should also mention that, at 67-years-old, ain’t no one in this world that look better than Cher. Even you Madge.

No T, no shade.

Oh, and props to Danielle Bradbury, the winner of this season.

Also, check out the amazing lyric video for Cher’s new song below.