Cher Took Over “The Voice” Last Night, And Was Just As Amazing As You Expected

Cher made her big debut on The Voice last night as a mentor to the lucky 12 singers country star Blake Shelton picked to be on his team, and she did not disappoint. In fact, we would even say that she delivered perhaps the best soundbites we have heard from anyone on one of these reality competition singing series, save, of course, Mr. Simon Cowell.

Check out a few of her best lines below.

Cher on why she agreed to work with Blake:

You’re a good boy and I want to give you a hand.

Cher on Blake’s pal and Voice coworker Adam Levine:

I love Adam — I really do.

Cher on what appeals to her about The Voice:

The concept of “The Voice” is what appeals to me. You just hear the voice. And it’s genius. It gives people a chance that might be overlooked.

And, best of all, why Cher has yet to appear on The Voice:

I’ve been working — I don’t just sit on my ass and punch a little button.

Never change Cher. Never, ever change.

h/t: Daily Mail