Cheyenne Jackson: Blogs “Getting Ugly” About My Divorce

cheyenne jacksonAs we’ve all since learned, Cheyenne Jackson has split from Monte Lapka, his husband of two years, and apparently gone on some midlife-crisis-inspired dive into full on Cruising daddydom.

Not that we’re totally against the shaved-head-and-tattoos look, but Jackson clarified to Siruis XFM’s Franc DeCaro  that he’s “not a Nazi skinhead.”

He revealed that the ink is for his dad: “It’s song lyrics from an old Elvis [Presley] song that he used to sing to me when I was little. It was going to be a Christmas present, but I decided to give it to him early … it’s very special, and for that to be kind of reduced to gossip fodder is obnoxious.”

Jackson, who also discussed being in AA, decided to talk about the “amicable” split because the gay blogosphere was “getting a little ugly.”


Earlier in the week Cheyenne’s spokesman released a statement that “Cheyenne Jackson and his husband Monte Lapka have mutually decided to divorce. The couple have been together for 13 years and were married in NY State two years ago. It is an amicable parting and, understandably, a private matter.”

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h/t: Queerty
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