Chris Brown Is Now Pro-LGBT, Probably Still Horrible In Other Ways

Chris Brown is doing such a good job at almost getting me to like him.  Between his frustratingly catchy songs and his adorable PETA campaign, he is really hitting all the right notes.  Don’t get me wrong, I still hate the guy.  But he’s so close!

And now he’s even closer with his pro-LGBT tweeting and campaign.  On Monday, C. Breezy shot off this lovable tweet:

The All Out campaign for which Brown is tweeting is an online petition to help call for action in Cameroon (CAMEROOOOOON!).  The campaign, according to the Huffington Post, asks President Paul Biya “to prevent attacks and discrimination, end the criminalization of homosexuality, and free all gays who are currently incarcerated due to their sexual orientation.” Brown will also be working on his new UNITY CAMPAIGN which he describes in the below tweet:

Of course, this all comes as a contradiction to multiple instances of earlier and very public usage of homophobic slurs.

Is Breezy changing or is this a cleverly designed PR campaign to make him seem like less of a repugnant misogynist and homophobe than he actually might be?

I’m not totally sold, but I’ll get back to you with my full opinion once I’m done yelling “CAMEROOOOON!”

(But, seriously, we should all go sign that petition.)