Chris Christie Appeals New Jersey Gay Marriage Ruling, Is The Worst


Homophobic creep Chris Christie continues to be the absolute worst, as he has asked New Jersey’s top state court to appeal a recent ruling handed down by Judge Mary Jacobson last week, that would allow gay marriage in the state. So, to recap, the legislature in New Jersey wants gay marriage, a majority of the people in the state of New Jersey are in favor of gay marriage, and now the court has said not allowing gay marriage would violate the state constitution, but what Christie wants, Christie gets.

Attorney General John Hoffman made the request for appeal in a letter to the state Supreme Court, citing “far-reaching implications.”

Many believe Christie’s decision to appeal has to do with his hopes to run for President on the Republican ticket in 2016, likely under the slogan “Large And In Charge.”

The appeal will be sorted out by October 21, so let’s all hope the NJ court again makes the right decision and silences Christie for good.

h/t: Huffington Post