Chris Colfer from “Glee” dishes on his character


One of the most buzzed about shows for the fall season is easily Fox’s Glee from the out director/writer Ryan Murphy. And one of the characters garnering a fair bit of attention is Kurt played by Chris Colfer. Kurt and the rest of the cast were at the Television Critics Association in Los Angeles and after the Glee panel, Chris shared some of his thoughts with us journos about playing the role and what might be coming up for Kurt!

SPOILER ALERT: BTW, Chris does discuss some plot points involving his character so stop reading if you don’t want to know anything. For those who do read, please make sure the subject lines of your comments don’t reveal anything. 

Reporter: Can you tell us what happens with Kurt this season?
Chris Colfer
: He comes out to his friend, he comes out to his father, and later there’s an episode about him being held back because he’s gay. Well, not held back because he’s gay, but because he’s gay, he wants to do certain things that society doesn’t really want him to, and we explore that.

Reporter: Was that similar to high school?

: Not really. I didn’t really care. I was so focused on the future, I really couldn’t care less. Actually, one episode, there’s a song that I sing, and every year when I was in high school, I would beg, beg the drama department to let me sing this song, and they wouldn’t because I was a boy. I always like to sing high songs because my voice is so high-pitched, and that’s actually the storyline of the episode.

Reporter: What song is it?

: It’s "Defying Gravity" from Wicked. I don’t know if I’m supposed to say that, but oh well, there you go.

Reporter: There’s a lot of gay kids who are going to be watching you around the country. I would have loved to see someone like you when I was in high school. What are your thoughts on that, as far as being a role model or the visibility?

: I think a lot of times, characters like Kurt are the constant punching bag, or the constant punch line, but I think Kurt is one of the few who is his own character. He does his own thing. He’s a real person, not just the joke of the show. So I think it’ll be very good for them to see a person with an actual soul up there, not just a gay character in the background making fashion jokes. This is a kid who goes through crisis in his life because of it.

Reporter: Have you heard anything yet from other gay kids, like on Facebook or Twitter?
: Not so much yet, but then, the pilot didn’t really go into that much and that’s all that has aired. But I hope I do hear from them. I’m really anxious to see how people will react when Kurt comes out to his father. Will we see Kurt have a relationship at all?

: He does have a huge crush and it doesn’t go away for a few episodes. In fact, I was just working on episode 13 and I don’t think it’s even gone yet.

AE: Does the object of his affection know he’s being crushed on?

: No, and I think Kurt’s in for a rude awakening too, when it happens.

AE: That’s real life.

: Yeah, it’s very real life. And I think anyone can relate, gay or straight, because everyone falls for the person that isn’t the right person. This one doesn’t work for sexual orientation reasons, but…

AE: The whole football thing, that’s where you become the hero?
[Note: Fox showed a clip during the panel showing Kurt wearing a football uniform and being told if he succeeds, he’ll be a hero.] CC
: Yes! Crazy enough. I never thought I’d be a football hero. Never in my life did I think I’d ever play a football hero. He’s able to do a certain football move to kick the ball ala Beyonce, so the football coach recruits him.