Chris Colfer, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and More Bring the Prop 8 Trial To Life

The cast of 8 at rehearsal / Jason Merritt, Getty Images

Hollywood’s brightest stars gathered in Los Angeles to bring the Prop 8 trial to life with a script Oscar winner Dustin Lance Black created from the trial transcripts. George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Chris Colfer, Matt Bomer, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Jane Lynch, Matthew Morrison, George Takei, Christine Lahti, Kevin Bacon, and Jamie Lee Curtis but were some of the talent that turned a bitter, dry trial into a human, humorous affair.

Chris Colfer stood out, trapped in a witness stand, talking about being sent to reeducation camps run by NARTH. Matt Bomer never seemed happier than when he spoke about what marriage means to a family. And Martin Sheen channeled The West Wing’s President Bartlett with a full head of steam in a sight to behold.

But perhaps the most humanizing elements of the trial came from Bridger Zadina and Jansen Panatierre as the sons of the plaintiffs. You got to see what the trial did to the families, and how the Prop 8 proponents tried to make them feel “less than” other families.

The video is raw, but beautifully directed. At least in this rough cut, the video doesn’t start until 18 minutes into the embed.


What did you think of the performances? And shouldn’t this be required viewing in law school, and indeed high school?


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