Chris Colfer Is Ripped, How HGTV Changed The World: BRIEFS

Plus the "Dancing With The Stars" cast.

Birthday shoutouts! Nick Zano (above) is 38, James Van Der Beek is 39, Freddie Prinze Jr. is 40, Aidan Quinn is 57, and Camryn Manheim is 56.


Steve Grand gets cheeky to sell his bassackwards T shirts.

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Jonathan Groff to star in new Netflix series Mindhunter.

Dolly Parton announces massive North American tour.

Pete Gardner sings about “Gettin’ Bi” in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.

Mac comes out as gay on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

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One of our favorite web series, Old Dogs & New Tricks, returns this June with a new mini-movie special ’Where Were YOU When the Rights When On?’ celebrating the 1st anniversary of the historic Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality. Here’s a quick teaser.

In case you were interested, here’s the cast for the next Dancing With Stars.

Ultimate Fighting Championship star Paige VanZant, America’s Next Top Model winner Nyle DiMarco, Pittsburgh Steelers star Antonio Brown, The O.C.‘s Mischa Barton, Super Bowl MVP 
Von Miller, 
The Facts of Life star Kim Fields, 
Heisman Trophy winner and former NFL pro Doug Flutie. Boyz II Men’s Wanya Morris, Marla Maples, GMA’s Ginger Zee, Fuller House’s Jodie Sweetin, and somehow, Geraldo Rivera.

How HGTV has changed our world.

“HGTV, with its progressive inclusion of same-sex couples over nearly two decades, has done more for pushing audiences to accept LGB folks than any prime-time show has. It and its knockoffs FYI and DIY have changed how many Americans look at the concept of “family,” all without an ounce of politicking or diatribe on their parts. These shows remind us that most Americans don’t care if you’re straight or gay. As long as you can afford granite countertops.”

He ain’t porcelain anymore.

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Adam Lambert rocks Charlotte, North Carolina.


Here’s the Puzzler! “On The Rocks”

And here’s The Weekly ShoutOUT™. Each week we’re going to focus on one out athlete/performer and feature a daily pic and career timeline. We’ll be showcasing the big names, but also the lesser-known gay and bisexual celebs who deserve more recognition.

This week our 156th ShoutOUT™ is to … David Monahan

Justin Lubin/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

After Dawson’s Creek, David starred in the 2001-2007 NBC crime/drama series Crossing Jordan, playing Detective Matt Seely.


Over the next few weeks we’ll have a lot of fun looking at 20 Songs Everyone Knows That Didn’t Hit The Top 40! These are all songs that have become a part of pop culture history, but failed on the chart when they were originally released. Songs that, through inclusion in films, TV, or other medium have managed to withstand the test of time.

Note – We’ll also include a couple of songs that were never actually released a singles, but have also become classics.

At #14 is “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath.


With one of the most famous riffs in rock music history, “Iron Man” is the simple tale of “A man who time travels into the future, and sees the apocalypse. In the process of returning to the present, he is turned into steel by a magnetic field. He is rendered mute, unable verbally to warn people of his time in the future and of the impending destruction. His attempts to communicate are ignored and mocked. This causes Iron Man to become angry, and drives his revenge on mankind, causing the destruction seen in his vision.”

Black Sabbath took “Iron Man” to #52 in 1972, but its place as an iconic heavy metal classic has long been secured. Of course, in recent years its popularity has swelled even further because of the Marvel films, which have nothing to do with the song (which had nothing to do with the original comic book character), except that sometimes it does.

“Unlike the 1972 song “Iron Man” by Icarus, Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” bears no connection to the Marvel Comics superhero character Iron Man, which was created and first appeared in Tales of Suspense #39, March 1963, seven years prior to the song’s publication. The song has since become associated with the character by fans of both; the popular 2008 film Iron Man, based on the comic books, features an instrumental rendition of “Iron Man” during the credits. The film’s novelization goes on to also state that the song is Tony Stark’s favorite, hence why he picked the title to baptize his superhero alter-ego. In the 2012 film The Avengers, set in the same continuity as the Iron Man films, Tony Stark is seen wearing a Black Sabbath shirt when not in the Iron Man armor, as a tribute to the band and song.”


Congrats to zoso, who guessed that yesterday’s Pixuzzle™ © ® was Alice.


Here’s today’s Pixuzzle™ © ®. Here are characters from a FAMOUS TV SHOW. Can you name it?


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