What Does Chris Crocker’s New Album Sound Like?


Chris Crocker—vlogger, porn star, documentary subject— has released his a new album, More Than Three Words. Three guesses what those three words might be.  (Hint: they rhyme with “Heave Mitney a Phone!”).

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“Despite many attempts at succeeding while leaving his Britney video in the past — including occasional music releases, porn appearances, and videos highlighting his deep sense of self and somewhat philosophical ideas — More Than Three Words might be the greatest step he’s taken in that direction,”  Pop U Love raves about Words, Crocker’s third record.

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The site calls Crocker’s music “as open and honest as you could imagine.”

Does it live up to the hype? Take a listen to the album’s first single, “Give Your Love Away,” below.

More Than Three Words is available now on Google Play.