Chris Evans And His Gay Brother Proved Just How Well They Know Each Other

Which Evans brothers used to stuff Monopoly money down his pants?

Chris Evans, out doing press for Avengers: Infinity War, dropped by Late Night With Seth Meyers this week alongside his out brother (and fellow actor) Scott Evans. And the genetically blessed siblings revealed just how well they know each other.

"Late Night with Seth Meyers"/YouTube

After establishing that they know each other’s favorite books and films, the Evans boys got a bit more personal with a question about their first kisses. “Emily is like, ’I turned him gay!'” Scott said, imagining how the girl he first smooched would react to seeing the interview.

Childhood hijinks were also explored, like Scott’s penchant for hiding Monopoly money down his pants and the time Chris split Scott’s head open with a book. (A paperback, no less). And we find out who got dumped at prom and woke up on their neighbor’s front lawn.

Check out the pornstache-sporting Chris, now on Broadway in Lobby Hero, with his bro below.

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