Chris Meloni Tells Heartbroken Gay “Oz” Fan To Fantasize About Him

Lock us up and throw away the key.

Our love for Chris Meloni is well-documented, so it’s always nice to see someone else profess their crush on the former Law and Order: SVU star.

Brazilian teen Ariano Médio finally got around to bingewatching Oz and was despondent there were no more episodes to enjoy. And no more sexy Chris Meloni.

chris meloni

“I finished Oz two days [ago] and I’m depressed about it,” tweeted the 18-year-old. “Especially with the end of your character… how [do I] handle [it]?

Meloni quickly replied, “Take a shower and pretend I’ll be joining you.”

On HBO’s acclaimed prison series, Meloni played sociopathic Chris Keller, who had a sexual relationship with fellow inmate Tobias Beeher (Lee Tergesen).

Chris Meloni & Lee Tergesen 21

Over the course of five seasons their bond wavered between tender and psychotic. And we seem to recall a shower scene or two.

chris meloni lee tergeson
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