Christian Mom Freaks Out That Her Homeschooled 6-Year-Old Saw A Male CoverGirl Model On TV

“Mommy, why doesn’t daddy wear makeup?”

A homeschooling Christian mother penned an emotional blog post detailing the horror she and her 6-year-old son endured after seeing a CoverGirl commercial featuring the brand’s first male beauty ambassador.

The pair caught CoverGirl’s latest advertisement while watching a Christmas movie on TV. Though the mom didn’t think anything of it at first, she quickly spiraled into crisis when she realized that it centered on 17-year-old makeup artist James Charles.

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“My son watched this commercial while I wasn’t paying any attention,” she began. “Because it was just a CoverGirl commercial, I didn’t think I would need to cover the screen. I was pre-occupied, speaking with David (my husband).”

“Both of us were caught off guard, we didn’t know how to answer,” she continued. “I don’t know why, but the most logical thing we could think of at that moment was to say, ’No, that’s a girl.'”

“The commercial comes on a second time. Its undeniable it’s a guy. Now we knew we had to talk about it.”

All this emotional tumult in response to a simple question posed by her son: “Mommy, why doesn’t daddy wear makeup?”

Instead of telling her 6-year-old that some boys wear makeup and some don’t or that anyone’s free to do what they want as long as they’re not hurting anyone, the mom decided to tell her son that James’ parents must’ve raised him the wrong way.

“And now we are faced with a moral dilemma,” she wrote. “Do I lie to my son? Or do I tell my 6-year-old my full opinion?”

“I thought about lying and saying, ’That’s how his eyes really look.’ Or, do I tell the truth and have a deeper discussion with him? Maybe, ’That’s the way his mommy and daddy chose to raise him. But, that’s not the way we are choosing to raise you.'”

Her post ends with the family in “turmoil,” shaken, yet determined to act as a unit in dispensing their personal prejudice to their young children.

“David and I must now determine how we are going to handle these big issues when we are not together,” she confessed. “If David and I haven’t discussed something and he is alone with Mark, what will he say? Do we need to talk and then lay it all out, right now? Or do we wait for Mark and the other kids to start discovering these issues?”

She concluded: “It is incredible how a 30 second clip created such turmoil in my house.”

Watch the troubling clip below.

h/t: Patheos

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