Cirque du Soleil’s “Zumanity” Runs Wild At New Now Next Honors

Vegas' erotic cabaret takes the stage at Aspen Gay Ski Week.

One of the hottest performances at this year’s New Now Next Honors belongs to Cirque du Soliel, which dazzled the audience with a performance from their iconic Zumanity show in Las Vegas.

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The show’s dance captain, Arnaud Boursain, actually comes to Zumanity from his work with Yannis Marshall, who updated the choreography for Zumanity.

Zumanity is Cirque’s “erotic” cabaret, with skimpy costumes and a sensual high-heel duet between two male dancers.

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“I’m excited to see the energy of the audience mix with the energy on stage,” Boursain told us before curtain.

zumanity 3

As focused as he was on the production, though, he was still excited to see what the night would bring—including Margaret Cho, Bianca Del Rio and Meghan Trainor.

“Of course I’m going to watch everything,” he declared. “But the real question is ’where is the after-party?'”

Cirque du Soliel
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Below, Ivy Winters gets a tip from the Cirque performers.

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Watch the New Now Next Honors, February 1 at 10pm, on Logo.