Cissy Houston Tells Oprah She “Absolutely” Would Have Disapproved If Whitney Were A Lesbian

Cissy Houston spoke with Oprah Winfrey — whose interview track this month should be called the Tour de Frowns — about the death of her daughter Whitney. It’s not a particularly revealing Q&A, even though Cissy is promoting her new book Remembering Whitney. But just you wait: Whitney’s mom (and Dionne Warwick’s aunt) gets out one incendiary utterance.

In the interview, the Houston matriarch described how she felt when she heard about Whitney’s death, her “iffy” relationship with Bobbi Kristina, and most importantly, how “absolutely” upset she would’ve been if it turned out Whitney were a lesbian.

I could dismiss these comments as merely annoying, but it’s pretty astounding to see a woman assert that her dead, drug-addicted celebrity daughter would’ve been a disappointment if she liked women. Yes, Cissy’s a longtime Baptist and that obviously informs her views on sexuality, but you’d think your kid’s tragic demise would put into perspective what’s really important. Then again, if you visit Oprah to promote a book revealing the innermost secrets of your family, maybe I should assume your version of personal importance is different from those of most people. Even Oprah appears to think Cissy’s a little out of touch on this issue.

The point is, we should all be thinking of Whitney cruising Robyn Crawford and hissing “Queen of the Night” at her like a Sapphic muse. Thank you for your time.