“Claws” Star Judy Reyes Discusses Very Gay Revelations on This Week’s Outrageous Episode

Spoiler Alert!

Quiet Ann (Judy Reyes) made herself heard on Sunday’s explosive, outrageous, and very special episode of Claws.

Titled “Scream,” the episode not only let us hear what’s going on inside the typically stoic Quiet Ann’s head—the brainchild of writer Maisha Closson—but shed light on her troubled relationship with a dysfunctional and conservative Cuban-American family including a closeted gay politician brother (Ivan Hernandez). “Scream” also followed up on Quiet Ann’s painful breakup with detective Arlene Branch (Suleka Mathew) last season, with a whole lot of surprises and jaw-dropping moments.

In our spoiler-rific Q&A, Reyes discussed the episode and what’s to come.

When did you learn there would be an episode that lets us hear what Quiet Ann is thinking and revelations about her family and past?

A bit before the season began. They always wanted to do a Quiet Ann episode because the fans responded so positively to her character and wanted to know and hear more about her. Given how we ended last season with the big breakup and heartbreak, it was a good avenue into trying to figure her out and know her a little better.

Was there anything else you wish she could have said or expressed in the voiceover in retrospect?

We edited the voiceover a lot because of time. There was a story point that Ann speaks five languages, so I did play around with her doing some in Spanish with accents. If you speak different languages, sometimes your thoughts are in different languages. I do. I think in Spanish sometimes.

Courtesy of TNT

There are quite a few bombshells dropped! First, we learn Ann’s brother is a closeted politician. Then there’s the insane family dinner scene where Ann outs him. And then her mother (Marlene Forte) and father (Nestor Serrano) both come out of the closet!

It played incredibly well when I saw it, and I thought it was a brilliant, ’Claws-ian’ moment. That’s what we call those really wild, did-it-really-happen moments. We say they are either Claws-able or Claws-ian moments.

Being closeted aside, Ann’s upscale Miami parents consider themselves ’legit’ immigrants while they have no empathy for those who haven’t gained citizenship, yet. Have you encountered people like that?

I have. I think it’s unfortunate and hypocritical. I think it’s bullshit and an attitude of entitlement and privilege of those who either have forgotten the struggle or are unfamiliar with the struggle, who don’t realize we’re all immigrants. I thought it was an authentic choice in terms of the argument and disagreement between Ann and her parents, and the disconnect and judgment and conflict and distance. I thought it was believable. Not only for Latinos but closeted gay conservatives.

Courtesy of TNT

Now that they’re back in contact, where will we see things go with Ann’s situation with Arlene the rest of this season?

Well, I think they have to confront the fact that Arlene is still a police officer, and Desna and the posse are embroiled with the Russians. Things are going to continue to be complicated. I think Arlene’s aware of how close Ann is to Desna and Desna’s involved in some really illegal shit. I think she’s going to be testing or wanting to test how true their loyalty is to each other now, based on how loyal she is to Desna.

Will we see more of Ann’s family this season?

No, but maybe next season.

Last question: Is Melania Trump the Quiet Ann of the Trumps, and what do you think she’s got going on in her brain?

(laughs) No. No, she’s not. I don’t know if that’s fair to Quiet Ann. I just think she’s trying to be as invisible as possible. Quiet Ann is like a quiet warrior, but a very much involved person. This one’s just sorry she’s even there.

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