Watch: Darren Criss Gets “Web Therapy”

Darren Criss and Mae Whitman (looking decidedly cuter than she does as Ann Veal on Arrested Development) guest on the latest episode of Lisa Kudrow’s web series Web Therapy. They play a long distance couple who are carrying on a very public long distance relationship via Skype, Instagram and Twitter. But Darren seems in it mostly for the number of online followers he can accrue.

The relationship takes a nose dive when Mae invades Darren’s studio apartment, forcing Darren’s character to retreat literally into the closet to get away from her and resume their webcam relationship.

“I’m in the closet!” says Darren’s character “Auggie”. But when Kudrow asks him if he means “in the closet” as in secretly gay, he says he’s never heard of the term used in that context. “Is that like from olden days? Like Camelot?”