CNN Panel: Are Gay Rights Civil Rights?

From L to R: Who Knows, Roland Martin, LZ Gunderson, Some Other Guy, Amy Kremer

From L to R: Who Knows, Roland Martin, LZ Gunderson, Some Other Guy, Amy Kremer

In line with the endless pursuit by the media to fill the airwaves with drama, CNN invited a group of antipathetic individuals to compare and contrast the current struggle for gay equality and the plight of African-Americans during the Civil Rights Movement of the ’50s and ’60s. The topic is not a new one, but recently resurfaced after President Obama drew a rhetorical line connecting Selma to Stonewall in his inauguration speech.

“Are gay rights the same as civil rights,” CNN anchor Carol Costello asked CNN contributor LZ Granderson.

“Absolutely,” replied Granderson. “I don’t think that it’s equal to the civil rights movement,” he continued, “I think they’re different movements.” He added that the debate over gay rights is international and cannot be tied directly to the American civil rights movement.

CNN contributor Roland Martin chimed in:  “A women’s movement, a disabilities movement, a gay movement, a black movement – those are different movements, but the umbrella actually comes under civil rights.”

Finally, representing mental giants everywhere, conservative activist Amy Kremer, when asked if gay rights were actually human rights, responded by saying that the Tea Party does not get involved in social issues because they lost so badly in the last election cycle when they did. She added that the 14th amendment “gives us all equal rights,” suggesting that there is no constitutional right to gay marriage and the federal government should not be involved with the legality of same-sex partnerships.

Similarly, no one has a constitutional right to straight marriage, yet the federal government sanctions those unions with 1,138 rights not afforded to gay couples. But don’t ask Kremer to understand such a simple reversal, that much thinkin’ and her tiny little head might pop.


[h/t Mediaite]