Coco Jumbo on Her “Roxxxy Andrews Moment” and Sending Art Simone Home

"That was heartbreaking, but a little bit funny as well."

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, and Coco Jumbo learned that firsthand after sending Art Simone packin’ on last week’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under.

Art was a fan favorite to win, so viewers — and Art herself — were gooped when she was sent home. When the queens arrived back in the workroom after Art’s departure, Coco found a note telling her to “Watch Out” — the most likely culprit being the bitter Betty who’d just left the competition. But Coco didn’t let that slow her down.

The Australian diva served some sickening looks, the judges thought her Lizzo Snatch Game was not “Good as Hell,” and her work in the Outback Fake-Hoes girl group was lyrically lackluster.

Coco spoke with NewNowNext about sending Art home, discovering Troye Sivan’s surprisingly dirty mouth, and what surprised her the most about filming Drag Race Down Under.

First off, I need to ask, who wrote the “Watch Out” note?

I’m pretty sure it was Art Simone.

Oh, so you don’t know?

No, actually.

Do you think it was Art?

Yeah, definitely. I know her like that. She’s my sister.

But, speaking of Art, I was shook when she was sent home even though I thought you both did an amazing job in the lip-sync. What was the vibe on set when Art was asked to sashay away and cried there on the runway?

That was heartbreaking but a little bit funny as well. To hear her full-on ugly cry and stuff like that was so hard-hitting. And I felt like everyone was a little bit relieved but very shocked as well to see her go home.

I thought she was going to go all the way to the finale. I’m sure you and the other girls there thought that too.

Well, she already had the show on WOW Presents. So, yeah, I thought they were leading up for her to either win [Drag Race Down Under] or to get to the top three at least, but apparently not.

Let’s talk about Snatch Game. You all thought that you did an amazing job, but the judges thought otherwise. Were you surprised by the judges’ critiques?

Not at all. I just felt like it was very dull. When we were even filming, I went in on myself and I was looking around and just thinking how everyone’s doing these amazing characters. But for myself, I feel like I embody Lizzo, but it’s not about… It would’ve been much easier to do a character like the other guys, and then seeing how good they were all doing. I was like, oh, shit! This is horrible.

This week’s challenge was with the girl group. I think it was Michelle who said that your lyrics were simple, but songwriting is hard!

Oh, absolutely. And, like, words are not my strong suit. Having to write lyrics — it was my first time ever doing it. I think Etcetera and Scarlet ended up helping me put the rap together. But, yeah, it was a sinkhole.

I thought you did well during the challenge. How did you think you did?

Oh, I think it was a Roxxxy Andrews moment. [Laughs] I haven’t seen the episode yet, so I’m just, yeah. I’m a little bit nervous, but really excited at the same time. I’m just glad that I have a good sense of humor.

And what about Troye Sivan showing up? Are you a fan of his?

Oh yeah, totally. He’s so cute. And a dirty talker as well, oh my gosh.

That was surprising!

Looks can be deceiving.

Speaking of girl groups, do you have a favorite girl group or a go-to girl group that you listen to?

I love En Vogue.

Were you surprised when you had to lip-sync for your life?

Hmm, a little bit. I didn’t think that I was the worst in either challenge. My lyrics sucked a little bit, but I didn’t think I did that bad. I definitely didn’t think that I was going to be in the bottom, but yeah. I guess it’s a difference of opinion really.

You were voted Sydney’s favorite drag queen. How do you think your fans are going to react to you being sent home?

Oh God, I think they might be pretty angry. I’ll remind everyone not to send Elektra hate. At the end of it, it is just a TV show.

What surprised you the most about being on Drag Race?

Just how stunning RuPaul is in person, really. Just how professional she is. Yeah, she just gets the job done.

I was scrolling through your Instagram, and I saw that you went to the Absolutely Fabulous movie premiere. How did that happen?

Well, me and my friends were booked to be there and just bring some color and fun to the event. I remember getting there, walking to pink carpet. The cast was there, but when we sat down to watch the movie, the people sitting behind us couldn’t even see the screen with all the big hair!

Yeah, the mile-high wigs. Are you more Ab Fab or Kath & Kim?

Definitely more Ab Fab.

Surprising! Are you an Eddie or a Patsy?

I’m a Patsy. I’m a good time girl. I’m always up for an adventure.

RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under airs Saturdays on WOW Presents Plus.

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