Cody Saintgnue Nearly Shows All, Darren Criss Is Hard At Work: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

More baseball player rookies have dress up day, Sir Patrick honors Leonard Bernstein

Yesterday’s Mets weren’t the only baseball team hazing the rookies. Here we have the Cardinals in Speedos

Hahahahaha #usssss #rookieday @repostapp @cardinals

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And the Dodgers as wrestlers

And my favorite, the Twins in singlets. Singlets are just awesome

Rookie dress up day!!! ??? #Twinswrestlingteam

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I wish I had somebody to take care of the bags under my eyes before work

Which Darren is hard at. Work, that is. Not taking care of the bags under my eyes

Stage, screen and… Office. Happy post #ElsieFest work everyone!

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Paying your respects to the greats is important

Cody nearly gave us an eyeful. And I’m disappointed that he didn’t

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