Colby Keller and the Boys of Randy Blue Love Beyoncé

It doesn’t seem to matter who you are in the gay world, Beyoncé is the queen. Out put her on the cover of their Power issue, Kurt did a memorable “Single Ladies” on Glee (as did Burt). And now the boys of Randy Blue team up with furry giant Colby Keller to express their love by lip syncing to Beyonce’s single “Blow” while wearing Calvin Klein briefs in eye popping colors that sometimes change mid-shimmy.

Why? Who knows and who cares. This may not be as racy as, say, an Andrew Christian video, but it’s arguably hotter. It offers a broad array of body types, and the dance skills range from goofy– to go-go boy– to So You Think You Can Dance sophistication. It’s a nice way to start the weekend.

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