Colin Farrell to be Best Man at brother’s gay wedding

Alright, this is really sweet: actor Colin Farrell (who played bisexual in A Home at the End of the World, gay-ish in Alexander, and was "discovered" by Joel Schumacher, make of that what you will) will be playing the role of Best Man when his brother, dance teacher Eamon Farrell, weds his boyfriend Steven Mannion. The brothers (Eamon is the elder) are apparently quite close and Colin reportedly helped his big bro pick out the wedding ring.

One of my wish list items for 2008 was for a Big Fat Gay Celebrity Wedding, and with Hollywood stars taking part in the civil ceremonies/weddings/homohootenannies of their gay sibs, I think we’re inching closer to that reality.

The part that really gets me about the news item, though: the couple will likely "wed" (relative term) in the States because current legislation in Eamon’s homeland of Ireland is currently prohibitive. So wait, the States is actually the preferred alternative for a change?! That’s depressing.

Oh, and PS? How lucky are the gays that get to go to this wedding and drink champagne with Colin Farrell all night?! And with all due respect, I’m thinking that Colin Farrell + Open Bar Wedding + Gay Mobs = Sex Tape Sequel.

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