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This College Linebacker Got Up On Stage And Came Out To His Whole Team

"Finally, I became courageous enough to be myself.”

Coming out of the closet can be a difficult experience for anyone, but athletes revealing that they’re gay within the hyper-masculine world of sports can often present a unique set of challenges.

That fear of appearing less-than is what kept Butler Bulldogs linebacker Xavier Colvin from living his truth for so long, but in a profile on OutSports, the college sophomore revealed how he finally became comfortable enough with himself to share his personal life with his teammates.

“I don’t want to disappoint my teammates or coaches or be looked at as different,” he said, explaining why it took him awhile to work up the courage to say he was gay. “So seeing other people come out and be okay with being themselves made me realize I could be okay with being myself.”

Colvin began by telling a couple of teammates and friends earlier this year, and the overwhelming support he received gave him the confidence to come out to the coaches and the rest of his team.

After telling a coach that he had something important to share with everyone, the linebacker bravely stepped on a stage with a microphone in front of his entire team and told them he was gay.

“Afterwards, I got texts and phone calls,” Colvin told OutSports about the freeing experience. “The freshmen who didn’t know me came and shook my hand. And they all said, ’We’ve got your back.’ They told me how proud they were of me. Not even a single negative reaction. It was all positive.”

Best looking group in AV…. No questions asked

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“What I’ve come to learn from my 105 teammates and 15 coaches is that no one cares, and it’s not as big of a deal as it used to be,” he added. “People care more about you as a person and your mental health. It took me a while to learn that.”

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