Colton Haynes Auditions For “Top Gun,” Zachary Quinto Takes His Boyfriend To Dubai: CELEBRITY INSTAGRAM

Kyle Krieger is possessed, Michael Urie and Becki Newton are up to something

Kyle Krieger is possessed

Christopher Sean logs a lot of frequent flier miles shooting Hawaii Five-O

Time to board!! #flysafely #bestwishes #loveyouall #thebeast #mybeauty @laneya4

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So Zachary Quinto took Miles with him to Dubai to film Star Trek. Dubai, where consensual homosexuality is punishable by ten years in prison. But probably not if you’re rich and famous. But still, from an optics point of view, it’s just awful

the view from the top (of the world). @milesmcmillan

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Mr. Terrific and The Atom

Two smart cool dudes. @brandonjrouth #arrowseason4 #TerrificAtom

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Yes, but you’re all grown up now

Colton seems to be auditioning for a role in the new Top Gun sequel that never seems to start filming

One week until The Arrow sings karaoke?

I don’t know what these two are doing together, but whatever it is, I will watch it

That qualifies as oversharing

I’d love to read the article

Chris Pratt is looking very lumbersexual

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