Tyler Shields

Colton Haynes, Emily Bett Rickards, Don Drag For Tyler Shields “Vanity Fair” Spread

The former "Arrow" co-stars swapped 1950s-style outfits for the transgressive series.

Anyone who’s peeked at Colton Haynes’ Instagram knows he’s not averse to donning drag. But now he’s upped his game in a new photo series by celebrity photographer Tyler Shields, which sees Haynes swapping 1950s-style outfits with Arrow co-star Emily Bett Rickards.

“If a person like Colton was to do something like this in the ’50s it would have been a huge faux pas,” Shields tells Vanity Fair, where the images debuted.


“The interesting thing about the vintage dress we used is the cuts they used to use fit him so well. It was when we were talking about shooting Colton in the vintage women’s suit that the idea to shoot Colton and Emily in each other’s outfits came up. I think it speaks a lot to the time we are in right now as androgyny is a two-way street.”

The magazine references “Haynes’s apparent low-key coming out at the beginning of this year,” as another example of how the times have changed.


Oh his subjects, friends in real life, Shields says “they were not afraid to give me everything they had.”

“Right of the bat they both wanted to make something that would be used in a gallery or something someone would collect,” he added. “For me that’s always the goal, to make something that is going to be shown in a gallery. Something that’s going to really last and make an impact on someone.”

Tyler Shields

The photos will appear in Shields new photography book, Provocateur.

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