Come to the ‘Cabaret’ on ‘Today’

Cast of Cabaret on the Today Show

Cast of Cabaret on the Today Show

I know some of you are still reeling from the holiday-mega-epic-French-but-they-talk-with-Brittish-accents-musical-extravaganza, Les Miserable. Hey, I’m not hating – I loved it just as much as the next Parisian street urchin. Not only have I dreamed a dream of being on my own as the master of my house, but I heard the people sing and I want more!

In that spirit, might I recommend a little picture that was written by musical theatre royalty, garnered 8 academy awards and is considered by some to be one of the best movie musicals in the history of the world? (And just in case it is not clear here, I am one of some). Turning 40 this year, the 1972 classic, Cabaret, will be released on Blue Ray and DVD February 5th! And for those of you rolling your eyes at the possibility of watching a film from the olden times of – gasp – the 1970’s, just know that it not only has a kick ass, dark and sexy plot set against the rise of Nazis in World War II Berlin with our hero questioning his sexuality (yes, there is a threesome in this film), but it is also Liza Minnelli’s best performance of all time.

That’s right. I said it. And I am not even going to apologize or qualify. Deal with it.

Speaking of Ms. Minnelli, turns out the cast of the aforementioned film got together this morning on the Today Show to sing happy birthday to the incredible piece of art they made so many years ago. Ok, they didn’t really sing happy birthday, but Liza sure did look like a cupcake in a ravishing violet pantsuit that made me want to kick up my legs and dance! Too bad she is as spacy as ever and eats up a good 30 seconds of the interview trying to figure out where she is.

I guess life has truly been a Cabaret for that old chum!

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