Company Making Lacy Lingerie For Men Expands To Meet Demand In Russia, America


Great news for men who enjoy wearing intimate lingerie to bed but need a little extra room, if you catch our drift. There’s a company making products just for you!

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Australian company Homme Mystere specializes in “elegant lingerie” for men, producing full collections of lacy panties (or “manties”), g-strings and even bras designed specifically for the male figure.


Though the concept seems like it would only cater to a certain type of gay man, Homme Mystere owners Brent and Lara Krause claim “over 90 percent” of their clientele are men over 40 in “heterosexual relationships.”

They’re going to be expanding their site to match increased demand overseas, specifically in Russia, America and Canada, countries that now make up 40 percent of the company’s sales.

Australian online retailer HommeMystere launches lingerie specially designed for men, Australia, May 2015


In a blog on the company’s website, Brent Krause describes “the cycle of guilt” that comes with being a serial lingerie buyer. He says he built the company with his wife not only to quench the thirst of men who prefer wearing women’s undergarments, but also to provide a better fit for them and cease the “inner guilt” that comes with shopping in stores that are ’not meant for you.’

He writes:

Any guy that’s into lingerie has no doubt wrestled with the guilt associated with wearing something ‘they’re not supposed to’.? What drives that guilt?? Probably the same thing that drives the urge to wear the lingerie in the first place.? The first time is pretty exciting, but so very wrong! So you avoid it for a while until the temptation becomes too great and then BANG!? You’re wearing panties again.

lingerie-for-men (1)

“We are not concerned if you are gay, straight, vegetarian, republican, anglican, martian or any other persuasion. We just design and manufacture attractive luxury underwear for men,” a statement from the company reads.

Check out some of Homme Mystere’s hottest styles below:


HommeMystere 2

Australian online retailer HommeMystere launches lingerie specially designed for men, Australia, May 2015


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