Congressional Aide Arrested After Savagely Beating His Boyfriend In Front Of His Wife

Tim Foster, who works for Rep. Sandy Levin, is facing second-degree assault and weapons charges.

An aide to Rep. Sandy Levin ( (D-MI) has been arrested after allegedly beating his boyfriend with a shovel.

Shortly before midnight on October 8, Timothy Foster reportedly attacked his lover, grabbing him in a chokehold and screaming “I want to kill you. Die dirty faggy (sic).”

Foster, 32, beat the unnamed man, and tried to stab him with a stainless steel kitchen knife, as his wife tried to stop her husband.

The boyfriend managed to escape but was struck by Foster with a small shovel several times, before finally managing to get into his car and drive away.

Police in Baltimore, where the incident took place, later charged Foster with second degree assault and a dangerous weapons charges.

sandy levin

Foster is the director for online communications for Levin (above) but is on unpaid leave pending the results of the trial, slated for November 10.

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