Connie Britton, Tina Fey, Elisabeth Moss & Michelle Dockery Had A Dinner Date, And We Are Dying


The Emmys may have been a grand old affair, but today, we are learning that they were simply the after party for the party we would have given anything, and we mean anything, to attend — Emmy nominees Connie Britton, Tina Fey, Elisabeth Moss and Michelle Dockery grabbed dinner together in LA before the big show.

Aren’t you just dying?! We are dying.

These gorgeous and flawless and strong and awesome and, well, you get the idea, ladies, were all guests of humanity’s greatest creation, Britton, at a pre-Emmy dinner with dishes by Angela Hernandez and Rob Lawson of Flores restaurant at Levi’s Haus in L.A.

Now, we have no idea what happened at the actual dinner, but we’re pretty sure everyone was fawning over Connie’s hair and Tina’s brilliant writing and saying how happy they were that no one invited That Bitch Edith to this awesome party. Oh, and Moss probably got super drunk.

So how long do you think we have to wait before we can remake Steel Magnolias with these four? Or, even better, they could all be Connie’s Bunco party friends on the Friday Night Lights movie that better be happening.

Make it happen Hollywood.

h/t: US Weekly