Construction Dudes Fantasize About Wearing Dresses To The Oscars On “SNL”

"You don’t disrespect the Academy showing up looking like a Bratz doll."

How would a straight dude dress if he were a woman?

On last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live, host Charles Barkley joined cast members Alex Moffat, Pete Davidson, Kenan Thompson, Beck Bennett, and Chris Redd in a sketch about butch Con Ed workers who find a stylish alternative for sexually harassing female passersby on the job site.

“Why is it always ladies get to wear the best colors?” Barkley asks. “Why is it women get to echo the season in such playful ways?”


“Sometimes, this might be stupid, but I wonder what I would wear if I was like a lady,” Thompson admits. “Like, what my style would be.”

“You know, sometimes when I watch the Oscars on the red carpet, I’m like, how would I wow them if I were a nominated actress?” Moffat ponders, inspiring his hard-hatted work buddies to imagine themselves in high-waisted harem pants, long denim skirts, and peek-a-boo gowns. Davidson even practices his signature red carpet pose.

Meanwhile, Thompson gets read for filth over a desired ensemble that includes shimmery stretch pants, gold slouchy boots, and a graphic top reading “I’m no angel.”


“That’s a VMA look,” Barkley argues. “You don’t disrespect the Academy showing up looking like a Bratz doll.”

“You know what? Toxic masculinity is a pair of velvet handcuffs,” Bennett concludes. “And gender norms have the hidden key.”

So how do these woke dudes feel about pantyhose, clutches, and shawls?

Watch the SNL sketch below.

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