YouTuber Hilariously Slams “Gentrified” Cornbread Recipe: “I Rebuke This In The Name Of Jesus”

"See, this is why I don't eat at the white folk's house—not on Thanksgiving."

Americans take their Thanksgiving dishes pretty darn seriously—feuds have started over whether mashed potatoes should be lumpy or smooth, or if cranberry sauce can legit be served from a can.

And last month, one YouTuber let his viewers know he was not having it with some creative corn bread recipes.

Kalen Reacts

“Kalen Reacts” host Kalen Allen posted his reaction to a cooking video that showed onions, bacon, creamed corn, maple syrup, and other untraditional ingredients being added to the Southern staple.

“What in the world is this mess?” Allen wonders as chipotle chilis and cheese are stirred into one recipe. “Absolutely not! I rebuke this in the name of Jesus.”

Watching in horror as a can of creamed corn is poured into one mixture, Allen moans, “Cornbread don’t mean you put CORN in it!” (Indeed, most recipes use cornmeal, a coarse flour ground from dried maize.)

Kalen Reacts

“How in the hell do you gentrify cornbread?!” he asks no one in particular at one point. “See, this is why I don’t eat at the white folk’s house—not on Thanksgiving.”

Allen’s wrath wasn’t limited to the cornbread, though—he called out the turkey and side dishes laid out on the Thanksgiving table, too. “Those Brussels sprouts—they didn’t even bother to put salt and pepper on them!”

And here’s the original video from Buzzfeed Tasty, sponsored by Del Monte.

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