ANTM’s Cory Hindorff On Being Femme, Avoiding Drama And Getting Hit On By Guys In The Top Model House: EXCLUSIVE

If you’ve been watching America’s Next Top Model—and reading our weekly recaps—then you know it’s all about Cory Hindorff, the fierce, feminine and openly gay male model who has persevered though everything from walking a vertical runway to posing with an orangutan and made it to the Final Five.

We’re all the more tickled because Hindorff—as “Serena Starr”—is also the drag daughter of Drag Race All Star Mimi Imfurst. NewNowNext sat down with Cory for his first Top Model interview, and pressed him for details about the show, his competitors and Miss Tyra herself. While he wouldn’t spill much T, he did admit things get hot in tonight’s episode, “The Guy Who Becomes a Bat.”

“There’s a lot of drama this cycle—I don’t have to tell you that—but I tried my hardest to stay out of it,” Cory insists. “In the next episode there is some heat, though—I wish i could’ve avoided it.” He also revealed that, though he was the only out male model left in Cycle 20, the lines were definitely blurred:  “There were times I was hit on [by guys] in the Top Model house,” he dishes. “Passes were made. But it’s not my place to out anyone!’

Hindorff, who often gets critiqued by the ANTM judges that he needs to be “more masculine,” is in it to win it, for sure. But he also wants to change the public’s rigid definitions of gender and masculinity. “Male femininity is masked in the entertainment industry,” he rightly says. “I’m not sure why and I’m not happy about it. But if i can make some small effect on that, and some small movement toward the change that needs to take place, then I’m so happy to be a part of it.”

Below, check out some of Cory Hindorff’s fierce photo shoots. And catch him on the next episode of America’s Next Top Model, tonight, November 1, at 9pm on the CW.



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