Could Andrew Rannells’ Elijah From “Girls” Be The Best Gay Character On TV?

The Girls season two premiere was a dense delight, a full half hour of exploration into Hannah’s three key relationships with dudes: her old relationship with Adam (who opines, “Being in love doesn’t mean you have to be nice all the time.”), her new relationship with a sexy guy named Sandy (played by Donald Glover), and best of all, her new roommate relationship with her gay ex Elijah, who continues to be played by Andrew Rannells. His arc will only last four episodes because of Rannells’s permanent move to The New Normal, but we still have time to cherish why Elijah is so awesome.

Elijah basically confesses to enjoying his older boyfriend’s money, and that’s a bit unfortunate considering what a sloppy drunk he turned out to be in the season two premiere. That bluntness — which he has famously leveled at Marnie — was a highpoint of the episode. Elijah kicked off the season by cuddling in bed with Hannah (Lena Dunham) and apologizing for having an erection. At the end of the episode during a sporadic, egocentric dalliance with Marnie, he can’t get it up at all. Metaphors! It’s like we’re in the middle of a James Joyce short story.

Enjoy these five GIFS (and one very special link) that illustrate why I’m falling in love with this character.

1. He’s snuggly.

2. He’s honest when he’s snuggly.

3. He drops references I like.

4. He’s opinionated.

5. He’s especially honest to the deluded Marnie.

6. Bonus! He gets naked, botches an impromptu tryst with Marnie, and shows us this ass.

That ass is… more than nice. I hope it makes an appearance in every episode until Rannells’ hasty departure. Awaiting its return is my new normal.