Frequent Bottoming Linked To Prostate Cancer, Study Claims

Having sex with more than the average number of partners may prevent prostate cancer according to a study out of Montreal. The theory goes that frequent ejaculation helps flush out the prostate and prevent cancerous cells from growing.

“A new partner over time keeps one active over the years,” claims epidemiologist Marie-Élise Parent. “So the presumption is that men with several partners were exposed to more ejaculations.”

The catch? It seems to only work for straight guys.

The average number of sex partners for heterosexual men is seven—but a study published in Cancer Epidemiology found that men who slept with 20 or more women in the course of their lifetime are 28% less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Alas, statistic doesn’t hold up for men who sleep with men. In fact the reverse is true.

The Montreal Gazette reports:

Parent’s team found that having more than 20 male partners doubled the risk of prostate cancer compared to those who have never slept with a man. And their risk of getting a non-aggressive cancer was five times more likely…

Perhaps because men who sleep with men engage in more risky sexual behavior, or that anal intercourse may result in trauma to the prostate, but that’s only speculation, Parent said.

And pretty questionable speculation at that: Were the gay men in the study asked about bottoming versus topping? Couldn’t gay men be less likely to ejaculate during anal sex than heterosexual men during vaginal penetration?

Parent’s not making any definitive statements about the results, but you just know the anti-gay cronies will have a field day with this. (They already insist we suffer from “gay bowel syndrome.”)

Of course it could be worse: The study found that virgins were almost twice than sexually active men to get prostate cancer.

h/t: Instinct