Oh Hey, Kacey Musgraves! Country Music Fans Most Likely to Be Bottoms, Survey Says

Bet you thought you were John Wayne....

Country music may not be the genre you tend to associate with sexyfuntimes, but according to a recent survey from online ticketing marketplace TickPick, fans of the old twang and a two-step are taking it like champs.


Out of a survey of 1,010 people “who enjoy listening to music and are sexually active,” country music fans were the most satisfied with their sex lives—some 66.3% of them. Respondents were determined to be a fan of a specific genre based on a five-point Likert scale, with those indicating that they “liked” or “strongly liked” a genre being lumped together.

More intriguing, though, is that country fans boasted the highest number of folks who enjoyed “being on the bottom”—44.8% of country-loving participants. On a completely related note, country music aficionados were also the biggest fans of anal (36.9%). Which tracks, considering their historic love of chaps.

Fans of show tunes were the second most likely to enjoy the bottom bunk (45.6% of the respondents) because maybe some things are just incredibly obvious after all. Lovers of pop music weren’t far… behind, with 45.6% of them preferring to bottom.

It seems reggae heads prefer to top more than anyone (37.2% of them), with folkies (36.2%) coming up next and EDM-ers (35.9%) thumping and humping their way into a respectable third place.

Blues fans last the longest in the sack, at 16 minutes, while, unsurprisingly (looking at you, DJ Khaled), hip hop/rap fans are the least likely to give oral. When it comes to getting oral, however, let’s hope the pioneering efforts of Lil’ Kim weren’t for naught.

The top three freakiest genres: 43.8% of EDM-ers have a fetish, 41.2% of heavy metal heads have one, and 40.7% of jazz of lovers do. [Insert joke about scatting here.]

Most disturbingly, 17% of respondents said they had had sex while wearing AirPods. Seventeen percent! That means 171 people thought it was cool to wear AirPods while in flagrante delicto with another live person. What are we doing, kids?

Though the survey doesn’t take into account sexual orientation, participants were largely male (54.6%), with females making up 45% and 0.4% of the participants identifying as neither male nor female. Still, it’d be interesting to conduct a survey of LGBTQ folks to see where their musical tastes lie. Would country still be the tops for bottoms? Are show tunes secretly “masc 4 masc”? And is pop the soundtrack of the truly vers?

You can read more on the findings from this throughly scientific or whatever survey here.

Lester Fabian Brathwaite is an LA-based writer, editor, bon vivant, and all-around sassbag. He's formerly Senior Editor of Out Magazine and is currently hungry. Insta: @lefabrat