Out Country Singer Chase Sansing Celebrates Gay Pride In New Video

The rising star wrote coming-out anthem "Begins With You" for LGBT youth.

Chase Sansing believes that change begins with you.

The rising country star’s new single, “Begins With You,” is inspired by his own struggles and triumphs as an openly gay musician in Nashville.

“In a world where you can be just about anything, be yourself,” Sansing sings in the inspiring coming-out anthem. “Though the ones you love turn their backs on you, don’t put your heart on a shelf.”

“I wrote this song two and a half years ago after coming out,” says Sansing, who followed the lead of country stars like Ty Herndon and Chely Wright. “After coming out, I felt like I could finally sing the songs I really wanted to sing. I grew up struggling with balancing being a country singer and also being gay because I knew the two didn’t mix that well.”

“I wrote this song specifically to reach out to kids that are like me and are growing up in a small town thinking they are different and that there’s something wrong with them and that it’s a bad thing,” he continues. “I hope this song shows them that it’s not and they are perfect the way they are.”

For the accompanying music video, the 24-year-old Mississippi native incorporated footage from Gay Pride festivals in Louisville, Chicago, Murfreesboro, and Nashville.

“I began traveling to pride festivals to interview and film people who struggled just like me,” he explains. “It took me two years to finish the project because I wanted to do it right.”

“This song is basically my new start to being the singer I’ve always wanted to be because country music is about singing the truth, and if I’m not singing the truth and what I’m truly feeling then I’m not singing country music.”

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