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“Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” Jumps Into The “Straight Girls At Gay Bars” Debate. Also: Josh Chan Strips!

"Bachelorette parties, girls’ nights out, girls who like to dance in a circle—I don’t know, they’re all here."

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend jumped headlong into the debate about straight women in gay bars: Friday’s episode, “Nathaniel Gets the Message!”, saw White Josh (David Hull) and Nathaniel (Scott Michael Foster) in a gay bar together, trying to get over their respective breakups.

When Nathaniel questions whether a gay bar is the best venue for him, a straight dude, Josh reminds him about all the straight girls who flock there.

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“It’s a gay bar, which is great for me,” he explains, “But it’s also great for you because, bachelorette parties, girls’ nights out, girls who like to dance in a circle—I don’t know, they’re all here.”

“It’s actually horrible,” he concedes. “Straight girls are ruining the best part about being gay. This used to be the one place to belong to us. But, whatever—tonight, it works for both of us.”

The heartbroken pair attempt to commiserate over drinks, but are soon interrupted by a bachelorette party accusing them of bringing down the mood.

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“Excuse me, can you guys be sad somewhere else?” demands the bride-to-be. “This is my girl Sherry. She’s wearing Spanx tonight ’cause we is out on the town, all right? And me, I’m getting a dranky-drank-drank-drank. So yeah, you guys are killing the vibe in here.”

Josh angrily responds, “This bar not for you—there are straight bars everywhere!” (“Yeah, they’re called bars!” quips Nathaniel.)

The women speculate guys as hot as Josh and Nathaniel can’t possibly have real sorrows to drown, prompting the duo to hop on the bar and sing “Fit Hot Guys Have Problems Too.”

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend/The CW
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend/The CW
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend/The CW

They’re soon joined by Josh Chan (out actor Vincent Rodriguez III), who has apparently taken a job as one of the bar’s go-go dancers.

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The song culminates in the guys stripping down to their skivvies while ugly-crying.

In addition to celebrating the striptease, some queer fans praised the episode’s handling of the whole “straight women are taking over gay bars” controversy.

“White Josh preaching about annoying straight girls at gay bars and I’m living,” one tweeted.

“True story,” another chimed in, “straight bachelorette at gay bars really are the absolute worst.

Others pointed out that having lots of straight women in gay bars complicates things for queer women (who are quickly running out of lesbian bars to go to).

“As a gay girl this can make going to gay bars so annoying,” one woman tweeted. “Straight girls get super weirded out when girls hit on them, and gay guys automatically think you’re one of the straight girls.”

“How are us lezzies supposed to build up the courage to ask a girl to dance when 90% of the women in a gay bar are straight!?” asked another.

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend star and producer Rachel Bloom revealed that the cast went to L.A.’s the Abbey to research the scene and revealed, “it was indeed OVERRUN with straight girls dancing in a circle.”

Other commenters defended straight women’s right to party at gay watering holes.

“Anyone gay who thinks straight women shouldn’t be in gay bars isn’t ’cool’… they’re sexist bigots,” one tweeted. “You want straight girls to accept you anywhere, then you need to accept them anywhere—no double standards.”

“I guess some girls just want to be able to dance freely and without worry of being gazed or hit upon,” another added.

Despite the disagreement, most fans were pleased that the show tackled the issue in the first place: As one noted, “That was the most succinct summation of going to a gay bar in current times.” (Minus all the ugly crying on stage, presumably.)

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