Cristiano Ronaldo’s Perfect Face Has Finally Been Immortalized With A Statue That Isn’t Hideous

Third time's a charm...

At long last, Cristiano Ronaldo has a statue that is worthy of his striking good looks.

The sexiest man in soccer has had bad luck with statues that were dedicated to him in the past, with two previous efforts falling short. But the latest sculpture commissioned by his team, Real Madrid, has finally turned his luck around.

Artist José Antonio Navarro Arteaga created a bust of the athlete that highlights his hotness with angular features and an expression that gives off a quiet confidence.

Earlier this year, Ronaldo had an airport in his birthplace of Madeira, Portugal named after him, but the statue that was unveiled to go along with it left quite a lot to be desired.

Gone were the soccer stud’s perfect features and in their place was a face sporting a goofy grin that viewers thought looked more like the president’s son than the gorgeous athlete.

Before that unfortunate sculpture situation, a bronze statue was erected in Funchal, Portugal to commemorate the town’s famous son.

The 11-foot statue featured an impressive bulge, but did little else to properly showcase the athlete’s good looks.

We can all rest a little easier now knowing that after two failed attempts, Ronaldo has finally been given the statue he deserves.

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